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How I Rate Games

I would only bother to rate a game I have played (duh!), so that leaves a large number of games I'll never rate. This is usually because the topic just doesn't interest me. So you can assume that a rated game is one I thought I might have liked. How I feel about a game drives my likelihood to play the game again or even hold on to my copy.

0 Stars – I'm Calling a Lawyer!

This is a game that makes me angry, a game that is a stain on the honor of my hobby. Am I extreme in this view? Maybe. I just worry about the newbie to the hobby who might have this game as their first experience. We'd lose them. I will burn this game rather than sell it.

1 Star – I Will Never Play

I can't believe others think this is a good game. I just don't see it. I will quickly sell this game.

2 Stars – I Might Play

I didn't hate this game, I just don't have any great desire to play it again. If you feel strongly, then, OK, I guess if there's nothing better. I will sell this game.

3 Stars – If You Suggest Playing

I liked this game, but there wasn't anything about it that made it stand out among other similar games. If you want to play it, sure, why not. I might hold on to this game unless I need the shelf space or I can get good money for it.

4 Stars – I Will Suggest Playing

This is a good game. I would likely bring it with me to a game convention to see if anyone wants to play. I will hold on to this game.

5 Stars – I Will Demand Playing!

This game's greatness transcends its topic. If you have never played this game and you are a fan of the topic, I will make you play it. I will even buy you a copy if that increases the likelihood that we'll play.